Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Home Stretch

I really appreciate the nice comments I've gotten in the last week concerning our dog Morgan. My husband and I really miss him, but we're slowly adapting to life without him. We do still have our two other dogs and three cats to keep us happily distracted.

I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done in the last week, but I did manage to felt my entrelac bag. I'm pretty happy with the way the colors work together. In case you were wondering, Lamb's Pride Worsted and Manos del Uruguay felt very nicely together. I'd say their rate of felting was pretty even. It took two trips through the washing machine to get the results I wanted.

I usually try to get the handles knit in time to felt along with the bag, but I wanted to get the bag to its final size so I could figure out the handle placement and therefore the length needed. I think I'm really going to need to line this bag. I also want to figure out something stiff to put in the bottom to help give the bag some structure. Any suggestions?


pussman said...

Hello again, this bag is so pretty, I did not know you could felt knitted things. Do you think this is a difficult craft to take on a holliday? And where can I find the pattern of the square pattern?

Bye Danielle

JennySlash said...

The colors are yummy together!

I know that I've said that before but it's true.

What are the finished dimensions?