Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's a Square Thing

It's finally done! Well, the knitting part anyway. I thought I'd list the specs, in case anyone's interested.

  • Lamb's Pride Worsted in Aztec Turquoise - 2 skeins
  • Lamb's Pride Worsted in Brite Blue - 1 skein
  • Manos del Uruguay in Caribe - 2 skeins

  • Needles:
  • Size 10 Denise Needles
  • Size 10 Bamboo DP's

  • Pattern: My design

    Pre-felting dimensions:
  • Circumference: 46"
  • Height from base: 16"
  • Base rectangle: 4" x 14"

  • After felting (2x through the wash):
  • Circumference: 40"
  • Height from base: 13"
  • Base rectangle: 3" x 13"

  • As I mentioned before, this thing's really going to need a lining to give it more structure. The only reason it's standing up as well as it is in these photos is because of the box of Corn Flakes I have inside it!

    I started looking around yesterday for fabrics for the lining and came home with a couple of swatches. (Of course I didn't have the bag with me when I went looking.) I thought the square motif on the one on the left was a nice play on the entrelac squares, but the colors in the batik swatch on the right were actually a little bit better. What do you think?

    1 comment:

    JennySlash said...

    The floral batik might provide a nicely lyrical counterpoint to the geometric exterior.

    Both swatches are quite nice but I've been working with batiks a lot this week so I've got batiks on the brain!