Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Have We Done?

This was most unexpected. We had a rough year last year, losing our oldest dog and the cat we'd had the longest. My DH and I decided that since we still had two dogs and two cats that our household was plenty full enough and that our remaining pets deserved all the love and attention we could give them. We figured we'd wait until down the road when our youngest dog and cat might need new companions, since they're not exactly buddies.

Then along came this little gray fur ball.
Two days ago one of DH's co-workers found her on the way to work. She was in the highway, and by that I mean huddled on the yellow line. DH's c-w being the animal lover she is couldn't just leave her there, so she stopped and picked her up and continued on to work with her. She was looked after throughout the day, but the end of the working day approached and no one was interested in taking her home (alas, DH's c-w is more of a dog person.) DH began to realize that if he didn't step up and consult his DW (moi) that possibly the cutest kitten ever was going to wind up in the pound.

To make a long story short, she's here napping in my lap as I'm writing this. Admittedly I've had several "what the heck are we thinking?" moments. In the past I've tried to time a new pets arrival with a few days off from work to help integrate them into the pack. I'd forgotten how much care and time it takes to introduce a tiny kitten into a household that includes two large German Shepherd Dogs. We just need to make sure they understand that she's a cat (not a squirrel or bunny that's invaded the house) and that she is part of our pack. And then hope she doesn't get stepped on.

We had her checked out at the vet, and other than having fleas, she's in remarkably good shape. She weighs 20 oz. and our vet estimates her to be about five weeks old. We named her Macy. (Yeah I know, another "m" name.)