Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Furry Slug

that's how my DH likes to refer to our cat Murphy...

and usually I object to this description.... but sometimes I've gotta admit....

It's not that she's fat, exactly - she's... um....sturdy. She's a Manx so she's got that compact build, with long powerful hind legs. What she lacks in grace she makes up for in strength. She's an efficient jumper and hunter. She's extremely affectionate, when she's in the mood for it, but hates being picked up.

I think Murphy and I have gotten closer over the last few months since I lost my cat Madison. Murphy used to sleep on the bed with us occasionally when it was cold out. Lately though it's been every night, and she seems to make a point of sleeping right up against me. I like to think she knows that I need her a little more now. Maybe she needs me more now too. Murph grew up around Madison and she was her closest companion.

I've been continuing to make progress on the lace edge cardi. Here's a somewhat updated photo, though I have actually done a lot more since this was taken.

I'm still hoping to finish this soon as other patterns and projects have been calling to me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Little Spring Knitting

I'm not blogging a lot lately but I have been knitting. Since my last post I've gotten a bit done on my latest entrelac bag...and I've started a new cardigan that I'm hoping to be able to wear this spring. I figured that even if I don't finish it until the weather's too warm outside, I'll still get some use out of it at work where the AC can be a little much.
It's the "Drops jacket with 3/4 sleeves and textured hem," a free pattern available at the Drops site. The yarn I'm using is the humble (translation: cheap!) TLC Cotton Plus in Spruce. I've been meaning to give this yarn a try and so far I'm liking it. I'm actually a lot further along than this so I'll try to post some more current pictures soon.