Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Prize for Me!

So, I was just over at Knitterella's blog, checking it out as I often do 'cause of all of her wonderful, fun creations, and I just discovered that I won a sample pack of some of her stationary! I love all her work! She's a graphic designer and a knitter so her stationary isn't just beautiful, it has a knitting theme to it. She sells her stationary at her Etsy store. And just check out the crocheted flowers she whipped up to adorn her gift tags and barrettes.

As far as my knitting goes, the battle with Apricot is well underway. I'm having some guage issues. I'm concerned that my work is too loose for the yarn I'm using (Cotton Fleece.) I'm using size 7 needles which gives me the right number of stitches/inch but after a few inches of ribbing it just seems a little too loose. I decided to start on one of front panels on size 6 needles and follow the directions for the larger size. I'm also going to check out Ravelry to see if I can gain any wisdom from those who've already done this sweater. Yay for Ravelry!


Denise said...

Just wanted to let you know I'd been visiting your blog - got your link at Kniterella's.
I'm in to surfing knitting blogs right now - hope you don't mind I stopped by.

hook & needle said...

You lucky duck, Jill does such nice work! I'm anxious to see how Apricot turns out, seeing as I've never managed to complete a sweater myself.

nightowl said...

Hi, I found your blog. I swatched a few times with the Cotton Fleece also when I made my Apricot Jacket because I felt the same way you do, that my knitting was too loose for the yarn. I ended up using size 6 needles and following the pattern for the larger size. Another thing was that it wanted to grow quite a lot when blocked and I spent some effort patting it back to size.