Friday, March 9, 2007

Entrelac Experiment

Finally, my Noro/Lamb's Pride "experiment" is done. In the first pic it's still on the form (a cannister with a towel wrapped around it) that I used to block it. As you can see the Noro squares are definitely larger and you can still make out the individual stitches. After three times through my washing machine though I figured that the Noro's felting might never catch up with the LP, so I'm going to live with it this way.

I've actually decided that because the sizes of the squares alternate every row, it kind of works, at least for me. After taking it off the form and adding the drawstrings this is what it looks like.

And from the other side...Overall I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. I really like the way the colors work together. I had been pretty doubtful about all the brown squares, but I think they ended up making the other colors pop that much more. I think I'd mix these yarns again in another another group of colors.


danielle roothooft said...

you have to take a look at my vroefke cat! she kooked exactly the same as your little cat 4 years ago!!
I love the bag you made. Can i find the pattern somewhere??

danielle roothooft said...

looked in stead of kooked

Sarah said...

I stumbled upon your blog today...and I've never tried entrelac, but this is adorable! It makes me want to try it!