Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cooling Off

It was only in the eighties here today, and just as the weather has cooled off so have the colors in my bag. At first I wasn't sure about the lavender, but it's grown on me and it seems to tie in with the blue shades pretty well. Actually I just checked the label and it's LP's "Supreme Purple" but it's a very light purple. Now for another tier of the Noro Kureyon, always the more fun yarn to work with. And now for the gratuitous cat picture....

My photography skills have improved enough that I've been able to take a picture of one of my black cats without it looking like a featureless black blob. This is my cat, Madison whose baby picture I've posted before. She was a Christmas present from my (soon to be) husband back in 1991, so we've had her longer than anyone else in our menagerie. She is quite precious to me. In the last couple of years she's had some health issues: kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes. We're managing all with diet and medication. And yes, my husband and I have been giving her insulin shots twice a day for the last several months. I used to be squeamish about such things, but in addition to the shots, I've learned to give subcutaneous fluids, and changed enough bandages on my pets that I could probably be a vet tech by now.

Anyway, she's in pretty good shape considering all she's gone through. She's never been what I would call a sweet cat, but I think lately she's grown to appreciate and even love me. I've always adored her, you just have to admire a cat that can intimidate a 95 lb German Shepherd or two.

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JennySlash said...

Very photogenic kitty