Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lace Hem Cardigan

I finally finished my sweater! I actually finished it two weeks ago, but blogging and knitting time have been in short supply lately. It's very difficult to concentrate on typing when you've got a kitten attacking you or just climbing up you legs. More about her later.

First up, sweater pictures! This is the 106-3 Jacket with 3/4 Sleeves and Textured Hem in Muskat by Drops Design, but I'm just going to call it my Lace Hem Cardigan.

Yarn: 4 skeins TLC Cotton Plus Solid in Spruce
51% cotton, 49% acrylic
machine wash and dry
178 yds/skein

Needles: Size 7

by Drops Design
available for free

Mods: Left off the bobbles, shortened the overall length a bit

This sweater is knit in one piece from the bottom up until the armholes. The lace was easy and kept things interesting. There's a bit of waist shaping for a flattering fit. Pattern was well written and I liked the results well enough to knit it again.

You may have noticed a lack of buttons in the pictures. I struck out at the first place I checked and haven't had a chance to look further. I had in mind some shell buttons with a hint of green in them, but we'll see.

And now for the reason it's taken me so long to post again. I can't believe it's been almost three weeks since this little furry bundle of distraction entered our lives. She looks so innocent, doesn't she? Heh, heh, heh.
I'd forgotten how much work a kitten can be. When we get home from work she wants to play, and eat, and play some more. And she can be pretty ferocious about it. I have so many scratches on my arms and legs I'm starting to feel like a pin cushion.

Just look at those stripes! I'm in love with those stripes! They were barely noticeable when she first arrived, but over time they've become more pronounced. Can you tell I've never had a tabby before?


Denise said...

Love the lace edging to your cardi. Great job.
Love your little tiger too - she's adorable.

Knitterella said...

Your cardi looks great! Great job and fit too!

What a cute kitty! Love that first shoot and the boot shoot from the previous post - that is too darn cute!

Lien said...

You know, if my cat wouldn't kill and eat the kitten for breakfast, I'd totally get one. So cute!

Also, don't you love the names Garnstudio gives their patterns? So evocative, no?