Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Furry Slug

that's how my DH likes to refer to our cat Murphy...

and usually I object to this description.... but sometimes I've gotta admit....

It's not that she's fat, exactly - she's... um....sturdy. She's a Manx so she's got that compact build, with long powerful hind legs. What she lacks in grace she makes up for in strength. She's an efficient jumper and hunter. She's extremely affectionate, when she's in the mood for it, but hates being picked up.

I think Murphy and I have gotten closer over the last few months since I lost my cat Madison. Murphy used to sleep on the bed with us occasionally when it was cold out. Lately though it's been every night, and she seems to make a point of sleeping right up against me. I like to think she knows that I need her a little more now. Maybe she needs me more now too. Murph grew up around Madison and she was her closest companion.

I've been continuing to make progress on the lace edge cardi. Here's a somewhat updated photo, though I have actually done a lot more since this was taken.

I'm still hoping to finish this soon as other patterns and projects have been calling to me.

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Jocelyne said...

I'm a knitter from Toronto area (Canada)

I saw your pictures of Murphy.
We recently lost our Manx "Lucy" who could be Murphy's twin.

We want to make a poster to put up around the neighbourhood but all our pictures of Lucy got lost in computer crash.

It's a strange request, but we are devastated by Lucy's disappearance and so few people know what a Manx cat looks like. If you could spare a picture of Murphy showing his short tail I would really appreciate it. It was startling seeing your pics of Murphy...

Strangely my boyfriend calls Lucy a "big fat tattie" (he's Scottish). Lucy's a wonderful cat and we want to do everything we can to get her back.

Anyway, my email is

Thanks for considering this request.