Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birthday Wish

It's my birthday today. It's been a very pleasant day, beginning with sleeping in, a leisurely breakfast of coffee and a muffin, lots of time wandering through blogland and Ravelry, a yarn purchase, and a nice dinner out with my DH. We're back home and I'm now looking forward to coffee, birthday cake, and....the Carolina game. Perhaps I haven't mentioned it before, but I'm a huge fan of the North Carolina Tarheels (the men's basketball team) and I think it was mighty nice of them to schedule a game for my birthday.

Anyway, if I could have one wish come true today, it wouldn't be a wish for world peace, or my team to win, or even for more yarn. I would make a wish for my Dad. He's been under the weather lately and more than anything I'd like for him to get well. Well I'm off. I've got some candles to blow out.


JennySlash said...

Belated Birthday Greetings and Happy New Year!

Sorry to hear that your Dad is under the weather.

Denise said...

Happy Belated birthday. Hope your Dad is feeling better soon. And here's wishing a great start to the new year.
Hugs Denise

Knitterella said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!!! (belated…)

Hope you had a great one. Sounds like it was a nice and relaxing day!

I sure hope your dad gets well soon.

hook & needle said...

Happy belated birthday!