Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yarn Shortage

Now I see why most people have multiple knitting projects going. Because they don't like to sit around twiddling their thumbs when they could be knitting. And I thought I was being so "good" and showing such restraint by making myself finish a project before starting another. (We won't get into the number of unfinished items I have tucked away from my old knitting days.) But I ran out of the turquoise yarn I need for the next row of squares in my entrelac bag. I waited until I had the opportunity to get to my LYS (which has very limited hours of operation) and got another skein. In the past I've had very good luck with different dye lots of Lamb's Pride looking virtually the same, but this time my luck ran out. The Aztec Turquoise I bought was much darker, so much so that even though it would be a few inches away from the last row, I decided that it would be just too noticeable. Aargh! I quickly went on line to see about getting some more and I ended up buying some on ebay. I'm crossing my fingers.

I also decided to line up another project so I'd have something to work on right after the bag, but as it turns out I have everything I need for it, so I'll start on it tonight. "It" is a pair of gloves, and I'm pretty psyched because I've never knit gloves before and I've always wanted to. I've also joined my first KAL, the Glove Knitting KAL which seems like a very friendly, low key kind of site. There's no time limit which is great - I sure won't be needing them anytime soon!

I chose to do the gloves in Louet Gems Merino fingering weight yarn. I really like the fact that it's machine washable, and it's even supposed to be machine dryable. The color choices were great too. I'm a sucker for teals, aquas, purples, and blues.
I have to admit I find the guage somewhat daunting. I've been knitting with size 10 needles or larger for most of my felting lately and on these gloves I'll be using size 1. That's one, single digit, no numbers after it!! I hope I know what I'm doing!

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