Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hello out there. I've been thinking of starting a blog devoted to knitting for some time now, so here it goes!

I was re-bitten by the knitting bug a couple of years ago. I think that my interest this time around has been fueled by my wanderings on the internet. There are so many talented, creative people out there! I have been so inspired by other peoples websites and blogs, and I thought maybe, just maybe, some of my projects might be of interest to others. (I'm going to show them off anyway!)

Soon after I started knitting again my interest turned to felting. I had already been a huge fan of Lamb's Pride and already had a few skeins of it. I was pleased with how well it felted and quickly increased my stash of it. One project I've really enjoyed and am almost through with is the Market Squares bag from Bags - A Knitter's Dozen.

This was my first attempt at entrelac and it was a blast! I scaled it down a little though, reducing the number of stitches in each square. I'm kind of short and I figured the full size bag would be a little overwhelming. After a couple of trips to the washing machine it looks like this...

The handles are made up in the purple and just need to be sewn on. I was hoping to find a fun fabric for a lining but haven't seen anything that's struck me yet. If you haven't done entrelac yet give it a try - it's easier than it looks!

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